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Facts About Victoria's Secret

Facts About Victoria's Secret

"I believe a company like ours should be a source for good. For us. For our communities. For the world."
-Les Wexner, Chairman & CEO, Limited Brands

So much for that idea!

Victoria's Secret, part of Limited Brands, claims to be a good global citizen. Yet by mailing more than a million catalogs a day, the company is leading the way in global forest destruction.

What You Should Know About Victoria's Dirty Secret:

  • Approximately 395 million catalogs are mailed by Victoria's Secret each year--that's more than one million a day.
  • Most catalogs end up in the trash or recycling--often without even being looked at.
  • Almost all of these catalogs are produced from virgin fiber paper with little or no recycled content.
  • Paper for these catalogs is destroying Endangered Forests like the great northern Boreal forest of Canada.
  • Victoria’s Secret is not satisfied with just stripping the Boreal, it is also destroying forests in the Southern U.S. The Southern U.S. is one of the most biologically diverse regions of our country where nearly six million acres of forest are logged each year, primarily for the production of paper.
  • Indigenous people are being negatively impacted by the logging and paper production industries.
  • Native plant and animal populations are being destroyed by logging and processing operations and the pollution they create.
  • Because of its immense buying power, Victoria's Secret is in a position to help change the catalog industry toward sustainable paper purchasing.
  • The company has refused to make commitments to protect our Endangered Forests.

What We're Demanding of Victoria's Secret and Limited Brands:

  • End purchases from any company that is not identifying and halting logging in Endangered Forests in the Canadian Boreal;
  • Maximize post-consumer recycled content in catalogs (achieve 50% post-consumer recycled in five years);
  • Ensure that all suppliers are shifting to Forest Stewardship Council certification;
  • End the use of any forest products sourced from other Endangered Forests, such as key areas of the Southern U.S.
  • Reduce paper use
How You Can Take Action:

  • Speak out- click here to send an email to CEO, refer your friends to the campaign, and find out how to reduce the amount of catalogs you receive.
  • Action Center- click here to get your group involved in the Victoria's Dirty Secret campaign and sign on to the Endangered Forests statement of support

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Watch as the CEO and Chairman of Limited Brands, Victoria’s Secret’s parent company, claims to be “relentless about trying to do the right thing” for the environment. With a million catalogs mailed daily, the majority of which come from virgin fiber, it seems that Victoria’s Secret’s real priority is environmental destruction.

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